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Remember when you nearly graduated? And had to find a job or build your profile? Quite a challenge to take the next step and enter the labour market...

We have experienced that getting students and graduates in touch with business professionals, is a big help for them. People with experience can teach them about future career opportunities and support them in the development of professional and networking skills. At the same time, alumni often find it inspiring to stay close to the next generation of economics and business talents and their fresh insights. A win-win situation.

For this purpose, we connect FEB alumni with current FEB talents. During the Careers Week and our Mentor programme, students get the opportunity to ask alumni about their education and future career questions, to learn from their experiences and to exchange ideas.

Do you want to pass your experience to the next generation and get inspired by them? Check out the options or contact us.

Last modified:18 January 2018 11.02 a.m.