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About the FEB Alumni Network

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Foundation Board

  • Remco Kouwenhoven (alumnus): chair
  • Susanne Klinkers (alumnus): secretary
  • John de Groot (alumnus): treasurer
  • Wijnand Aalderink (alumnus): member of the board
  • Gijsje Pothoff (alumnus): member of the board
  • Niek Wiltjer (alumnus): member of the board


We offer an inspiring international academic community for our alumni and students and for the organizations that we work with.

Quality is our leading principle, as proven by our national and international accreditations that rank us amongst the top 1% business schools in the world. In everything we undertake and accomplish we strive to add personal value. Within the academic world and amongst our corporate partners we are renowned for being open, personal, ambitious and down to earth and for delivering high-level multi talent graduates. University of Groningen and its Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) strives to stay in touch with their us and with fellow students after graduation.

For social purposes, to support the Faculty or to develop their career. Mutual involvement between the Faculty and its alumni is important to us because we value them as proven quality of the education they received. Our faculty wants to meet the changing needs of our alumni. The interests of our alumni and of our Faculty are in line when alumni seek executive education, want to maintain their social and professional network or in need for academic consultancy and research within their current profession and organisation or prefer our skilled graduates as their future colleagues.

We consider our alumni as an integral part of the Faculty and University because we value them as proven quality of the education they received. They are our ambassadors. FEB graduates create a valuable link to the world outside our academic organization which enables us to connect to real life issues and developments and helps us to improve our services towards our students and our corporate relations.


Our Faculty can contribute to your personal and professional developments and offers the following alumni services:

  1. Stay connected : invest in the interaction with FEB as a knowledge hub of students and professors and link up via our online alumni portal
  2. Partner in business : collaborate with us in the field of education and research to develop yourself and your organization and business
  3. Mutual success : contribute to the alumni network, give back in terms of experiences and knowledge and improve your own success

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