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Several Formats of Internships

Students at FEB do internships extracurricularly or as part of their master’s degree programme. In both cases, the Faculty of Economics and Business helps students and companies to realise the internship.

master internship

Master Internship

Within five MSc programmes we offer organisations the opportunity to work with a Master student as an intern. A young professional who is almost graduated and already gained substantial knowledge and experience that could benefit your company. All from a very specific field of expertise: Technical Operation Management, Human Resource Management, Supply Chain Management, Business Administration/Organisational & Management Control and Marketing.

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Extra-curricular internship

More and more students are motivated to gain work experience by doing an internship. Some of them do the internship after the bachelor, the master or sometimes in a period in which they do not have classes. In these cases the internship is not supervised by the university and students do not get credits for it. However, we do support companies in finding interns for an internship who are not a part of a degree programme.

Internship related to the degree programme

In most of the master’s degree programmes students can combine an internship with a thesis or extend their master with an internship. In both cases the student receives credits for the internship and the internship is supervised by an academic staff member. Usually, a Master’s thesis is worth 20 EC credits which is the equivalent of 14 full-time working weeks.

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How does it work?

You can submit your vacancy for an internship position. Next, your internship(s) will be entered in our job board, appear on our student portal and will be emailed to the students interested in an internship.

To submit an internship please fill in our web form. When the vacancy is published, you can check it here.

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