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How does it work?

If you are looking for an intern, please fill out this web form . Next, your internship(s) will be entered in our job board, appear on our student portal and will be emailed to students who are interested in an internship. We will make sure to send you the CVs and cover letters of students who would like to do your internship. You will not have to worry about slogging through hundreds of applications and you are free to select the student that appeals to you most.

A fruitful internship

At the Faculty of Economics and Business we want both companies and students to look back on the internship as a pleasant and fruitful period. To let companies that hire an intern know where they stand, the minimum we ask is:

  • To provide the intern a workstation and, if necessary, a computer.
  • The tasks carried out by the student must be of an academic level. Tasks are considered of an academic level if students have the opportunity to put the knowledge, understanding and skills they acquired in their studies into practice. Students must carry out their own activities, show initiative and have responsibilities.
  • To appoint an enthusiastic and expert supervisor. If you provide the student with a dedicated supervisor and challenging tasks on an academic level, the student will gladly promote your company amongst fellow students. We can help students to advertise your company by asking them to write a testimonial . We will publish the testimonials on the web and on our Facebook account.
  • To sign an internship agreement.


An internship contract must be signed by a representative of the company, the faculty and the student. The faculty has different formats for internship agreements. You can download a standard contract in Dutch.

Download an internship contract for Dutch interns:

  1. Dutch version
  2. English version

Download a standard contract for non-EU/EEA students:

  1. Nuffic contract Dutch
  2. Nuffic contract English

Last modified:10 July 2017 11.28 a.m.