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Student Consultancy


As an alumnus, you can benefit from our students ’ knowledge and expertise. Y ou might encounter issues within your organisation that our Student Consultants can tackle. The only thing you have to do, is submit an assignment in the field of economics or business administration. The FEB is responsible for making sure that the right students are assigned to your case. In addition, the Faculty provides them with guidance from lecturers and professional trainers.

Student Consultancy is equipped to deal with questions such as:

  • In view of shifts in demand from my clients, will my business model still be profitable in ten years’ time?
  • My company will soon have to purchase new ships that have to last at least twenty-five years. In view of recent technological advances and developments in fuel, what type of ship should my company purchase?
  • What will digitalization mean for my company?

Benefits for your organisation

  • Concrete advice for a specific business issue
  • Engagement of young talents with new insights and knowledge
  • Coached by experienced business professionals
  • A clear analysis and specific advice delivered within 10 weeks
  • S ee our students in action in case you want to recruit new employees

Companies and organisations awarded our students an average score of 8.6 out of 10 in the first year the programme was running.

How does it work?

Method: the faculty doesn't apply a fixed method in order to have complete focus on your question and deliver tailor-made advice.

Time: it concerns a 10-week process which begins with the students visiting your organisation.

Expenses: For the organisation and execution of your business case we ask soms costs compensation. Depending on your specific situation we can help you apply for various subsidy possibilities.

Recommendations from previous clients

"The research was carried out professionally and the final results were very useful. The students communicated regularly with us to check if the development of the research was in line with our interests."
- NHL, University of Applied Sciences, Leeuwarden

"In a short time, the students have gained insight in the business of PPO, its activities and its management. The students’ creative approach led to conclusions and recommendations that seem sensible and defendable. I appreciate the way they communicated."
- Post Master Psychology

"The research was of an unexpectedly high standard."
- Noorderpoort, centre
for secondary, vocational and adult education and training

If you have any questions about Student Consultancy or for more information, please contact:

Elise Kamphuis

Elise Kamphuis
Corporate Relations and Internship manager

T: 050 363 71 82

Karin Koster

Karin Koster
Projectleader Career Services and Corporate Relations

T: 050 363 29 41

Three students collaborating
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