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Collaborate in research

The company you work at might face challenges or consider doing research to improve the organisation. At FEB we believe that developing knowledge is a joint activity. By working together, our partners benefit from our scientific knowledge. Independent research can be conducted by students, alumni, or even teachers. Interested in doing research together?


Your question

Your organisation might encounter a problem, question, idea, or challenge and wants to know what can be done to take the organisation to the next level. Talk to one of our experts and find out what the FEB can do for you.


Centres of Expertise

FEB established 11 Centres of Expertise in order to let your organisation benefit from our knowledge and that of other companies. Each Centre consists of a group of researchers in a specific scientific discipline and focuses on a specific topic within economics and business. The Centre's purpose is to share knowledge with other companies and organisations and distribute scientific knowledge to stakeholders outside the academic community. Your company can profit from a Centre of Expertise by:

  • letting the Centre of your choice conduct research for your company
  • participating with your company in a research project of longer duration, carried out by the Centre of your choice
  • becoming a member of the Centre of your choice, which gives you access to a network of companies in your area of expertise or with similar interests. It also gives you access to recent and relevant research, courses, and conventions.

Benefits for your organisation

You can get in touch with our most renowned researchers. They are experts in their fields and want to share their knowledge with you in order to help you. Besides researchers, we have access to large data files that are not (always) available to the public. And finally, we have the most up-to-date research tools at our disposal, our own research lab and the latest computer-based research and analysis tools and software.

Results & Impact

Over the years, FEB has worked with numerous companies and organisations for example to help them solve problems, to improve productions methods and to research the feasibility of an idea. Our researchers disseminate the knowledge gained through their research through presentations and publications for practitioners, but also via workshops, in-house trainings, seminars, conferences, and professional publications. In addition, the academic research and expert opinions of our researchers regularly appear in the media.

For your information, we selected a few of our partners and the projects we worked on together.

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