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Education University of Groningen Summer Schools Exploring Entrepreneurship

Exploring Entrepreneurship

Dates & location 17 - 24 August 2019, Groningen, the Netherlands
Level BA, MA, PhD
Fees (incl. housing) € 495 (participants from partner universities)
€ 745 (participants from not-partner universities)
Fees (excl. housing) € 250 (participants from partner universities)
€ 500 (participants from not-partner universities)
Coordinators Prof. Dr. Aard Groen
Aniek Ouendag, MSc
Dr. Arjan Frederiks
Dr. Olga Belousova
Dr. Sílvia Costa
Contact University of Groningen and third-party students: Arjan Frederiks, entrepreneurship
Higher School of Economics students: Lyudmila Artamonova lartamonova
University of Twente students: Martin Stienstra, m.r.stienstra
group picture summer school 2018

Entrepreneurship can contribute to solving the big challenges of our time. Important challenges such as affordable and clean energy, sustainable cities and communities, and responsible consumption and production may benefit from entrepreneurs starting initiatives that tackle these issues.

In this intensive 8-day summer school, we will study entrepreneurship from a wide variety of perspectives. By bringing together students from several countries and cultural backgrounds, different study programs and educational levels (BSc, MSc, and PhD) to work together in interdisciplinary multilevel groups to explore research on entrepreneurship. This summer school is research oriented. This means, you will study contemporary entrepreneurship research, theories, methods and results of research but also reflect on how these results can be translated into applied settings. Some of the aspects we will focus on, are:

  • How do individual differences contribute to explain entrepreneurial activity?
  • How does entrepreneurship work among different regions and nations?
  • How do new ventures decide to internationalize?
  • How do organizations foster entrepreneurship?
  • How do specific contexts (e.g., high-tech, social entrepreneurship, energy, medicine) influence the entrepreneurial process?
  • Which methods of research are used in entrepreneurship research?
  • How to conduct process research in entrepreneurship?
  • How to conduct (policy) evaluation research in this field?
  • How to conduct experiments in entrepreneurship research?

Before the summer school, you will invite you to prepare a poster presentation in which you will share with the other participants the entrepreneurial ecosystem of your city and/or country. During the school, you will be working in project groups to design, conduct and report research on a topic of your choice. Additionally, you will engage in highly interactive sessions in which we will explore entrepreneurship research and applying them to practical cases and your own group research project. In addition to the lectures and project, you will have ample opportunity to share and draw on each other’s culturally specific experience and knowledge. And last but not least, you will have the opportunity to enjoy some great cultural activities that the vibrant student city of Groningen has to offer (e.g., visit the Noorderzon festival, climb the Martini tower, take a boat on the canals)!


The core of the teaching team are its founding fathers:

  • Prof. dr. A.J. Chepurenko, National Research University - Higher School of Economics
  • Prof. dr. A.J. Groen, University of Groningen and University of Twente

Apart from them, the programme will feature guest lecturers on the core themes of the summer school, entrepreneurs and policy makers.

  • Higher School of Economics
  • University of Twente
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