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FUNIBER Training Scholarship

Selection criteria

Countries of Origin:All

Additional information

Eligible candidates:

The allocation of the scholarship will depend on the profile of the applicant and they are assigned by a scholarship evaluation committee depending on the number of applications that enter each foundation headquarters (located in more than 30 countries) versus the places available in each one of them. The scholarships are limited and depend on the assignment of the universities in agreement.

Grant information:

Purposes: FUNIBER’s purpose is to disseminate and share European and Ibero-American knowledge.

Programmes: Specializations, Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorates degrees in any of the educational programs sponsored by FUNIBER, at a distance (online) and face-to-face

  • The Fundacion Universitaria Iberoamericana (Ibero-American University Foundation - FUNIBER) offers an international scholarship program to study Specializations, Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorates degrees at a distance (online) and face-to-face. These scholarships are granted for studies in any of the educational programs sponsored by FUNIBER.
  • FUNIBER has continued to grow creating an academic and professional network that is present in more than 30 countries (see headquarters). More than 60 European, U.S. and Latin American universities, enterprises and organizations are part of this network (see sponsors and partners).
  • FUNIBER promotes programmes that permit access to dual academic degrees. The studies are for Masters, but there are post-degree programmes integrated among them. Diplomas, Specializations, and Extension Courses, among others, that are of a shorter duration are offered. A more extensive classroom-based Doctorate Degree is also available.
  • Award Program: in order to guarantee access to good quality education for a greater number of persons.
  • Excellence Award Program: granted to institutions of organizations that for its impact in the economic, cultural and social growth and development of the countries, want to empower its human resources, giving its members possibilities of study that help improve their work.
  • FUNIBER’s Scholarship for the UNEATLANTICO University Residence: All those students that are going to study a degree or master’s degree at the European University of the Atlantic, and need to stay in the university residence, will be able to request a scholarship.

Grant provider:

The Fundacion Universitaria Iberoamericana (Ibero-American University Foundation - FUNIBER) is a scientific and research academic institution that links professional universities and institutions in order to offer a Global Education while at the same time respecting local identities.

It has its origins in experiences and university developments in the area of cooperation and development carried out within the framework of UNHWIN-UNESCO Chairs and Networks and European Community Programs.

Available positions:

Not mentioned on the website; the growth of this scholarship, from one year to another, is 15%.


Not mentioned on the website.


To apply for a FUNIBER Training Scholarship, the applicant may contact any FUNIBER office or fill in the information request form that appears on their website. From the Department of Admissions and Scholarships, they will provide you with the corresponding advice, to guide the application process and compliance with the requirements established by the Universities in accordance with the regulations of each country.

More information: Funiber Scholarships. Doctorates: Doctorates
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