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Individual counselling for PhD’s

To make sure you are directed to the right counsellor/ psychologist, here is some information on the possibilities available

·         Individual counselling is available to all PhD students *

·         All counselling sessions are free of charge

*UMCG PhD’s first call the Occupational Health Service (050-3612297)

If you are currently unable to work

·         There can be several reasons why you might be unable to work for a longer period of time: enduring illness, stress related problems (burnout), family circumstances or problems in your working environment for example.
·         If you are unable to work for a longer period of time or feel that you soon will be, you can go to the Occupational Health and Safety Service ( AMD ). Counselling is offered by occupational physicians and occupational social workers.

If you are still working but could do with some help

·         Issues can include all the subjects mentioned before: stress, feeling insecure, procrastination, working too many hours, burnout, problems with your supervisor, questions about your career, Thinking about quitting your PhD, feeling lonely, feeling depressed, or any other problem that hinders you in functioning properly.

Depending on the problem and your own preference you can choose to go to the following four departments for individual counselling:

Occupational Health and Safety Service ( AMD)

·         Work pressure is (too) high
·         Conflicts about work content or the way of working
·         There is uncertainty about your job
·         Problems to connect with colleagues
·         Cooperation problems with colleagues or supervisors (also due to cultural differences)
·         Insecurity and tension as a result of a transfer or reorganization
·         Reintegration after prolonged absence due to illness
·         Private problems that affect work, such as relationship problems or debt problems

Student Service Centre (SSC)

·         Problems with personal effectiveness, communication or assertiveness
·         Psychological and/or physical stress complaints
·         Brooding, listlessness, insomnia
·         Depression or mood problems
·         Feeling fearful or tense
·         Concentration or motivational problems

Confidential advisor ( Marjolein Renker or Stella Noach [UMCG])

·         There is bullying, discrimination or (sexual) harassment
·         You are wrongly accused of something
·         You are witness of or you suspect malpractices within the organization
·         You are involved in a work-related conflict

Human Resources ( HR Experts)

·         Questions about the job and your own functioning
·         Doubts about going on with your PhD
·         Questions about your future career (inside and outside academia)

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