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Career Perspectives: An Introduction

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Groningen Graduate Schools

Course type: lecture during the GGS Introductory Event
Duration: one hour during the GGS Introductory Event
Audience: Recently arrived PhD students
Module information: During the GGS Introductory event, a one hour interactive lecture takes you on a journey to your life after you have successfully defended your PhD thesis. Are you familiar with what the career ladder in academia is and what is required to climb it to the top? And did you ever ask yourself the question, is the career ladder for a job outside academia similar or different compared to that of an academic career? Do you already know what your next step(s) will be? During the lecture we will discuss the options that lay ahead of you, and how you can properly prepare yourself, amongst which, by choosing dedicated Career Perspectives Series modules specifically designed for you to effectively prepare you for your next steps after your PhD.
Date and time: see Introductory event GGS
Registration: see Introductory event GGS
Registration fee: none
Credits: Credits for attending the Introductory Event GSS
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University of Groningen Graduate Schools

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