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Education Frequently asked questions Form, statement and instruction manual

Request for a statement (student)

  • Statement of enrollment

    You can use the statement of enrollment for non-university bodies such as insurance companies, health insurers, pension or orphan funds, travel companies, etc.

    A student association may also ask for a statement of enrollment.

    How do I get a statement of enrollment?
    If your enrollment is completed,
    • you will receive a statement of enrollment via email.
    • you can download a statement of enrollment via the app ‘Enrolments and photo’ under RUG tools on the Student Portal (log in with your S-number and password)
    Request a statement of enrollment with an official university stamp
  • Proof payment tuition fees

    If your enrollment is completed, you will receive the proof payment tuition fees via email.

    Request a proof of payment tuition fees

  • Examination statement

    You can request an examination statement in two ways:
  • Certified copy of UG diploma

    You can request a certified copy of your UG diploma in two ways:
  • Declaration of deregistration

    You can request a declaration of deregistration in two ways:
  • Proof payment tuition fees (BBC)

    The proof of payment of tuition fees (BBC) is a document providing that you have paid your tuition fees.

    You can request a proof of payment tuition fees in the following way: Before a BBC can be issued, your enrollment (and thus your tuition payment or direct debit mandate) must have been processed.
  • Documents other organizations

    Statements for other agencies can be certified at the Student Information & Administration.
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