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Financial support

  • Financial support for students with a performance disability

    Minor delays can be financially compensated by the Graduation Fund of the University. You are only eligible if you satisfy the requirements.

    If your study is delayed substantial due to a disability, you can apply for an one-time extension of your study grant of DUO with a year. Here too, you must satisfy the requirements. In exceptional situations, you may also be eligible for an extension of your graduation period.

    What should you do?
    If your study is delayed and you think you are eligible for financial compensation, than report the delay always to your study advisor, and make an appointment with a student counselor of the Student Service Centre. The student counsellors are an important link in the application procedure.

    Discuss with the student counsellor how to state your request on the DUO-form. Complete the form, ask your doctor or psychologist to sign the relevant sections and then send the form back to the Student Service Centre. Once the student counsellors have approved your request and it has been officially signed by the University of Groningen, the form will be sent back to your home address, and you can then send it to DUO. Don't forget to make a copy of your request before mailing it.

    DUO will only accept forms that have been approved by the student counsellors. A signature from your study advisor or professor will not suffice.

    Please contact the Student Service Centre via ssc-info

  • Unexpected financial difficulties

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