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Education Bachelor's Nederlandse studenten

Study guidance

You are not alone during your studies. The UG offers various valuable ways to support you, should you encounter any difficulties. It's important that you seek help at an early stage and notify the right person(s) of any difficulties you may be experiencing during your studies. This is the only way we can provide you with the best possible support. We will be happy to help you if you have any questions or encounter any difficulties!

General guidance and advice

The UG has several advisors available who you may contact for guidance and advice. Do you encounter any problems during or after your (preparations for your) studies, or are you looking for personal advice? Each study programme has a study advisor who acts as your first point of contact for questions or problems before or during your studies. You can find more information on the types of questions and problems you can contact a study advisor for via the link below. There, you will also find an overview of some other important advisors and counsellors you can turn to with specific questions or problems.

Studying with special needs

Do you experience barriers when studying because of a functional impairment (disability) or (chronic) illness, do you have an informal caretaker’s role or do you want to combine your studies with top-class sport, entrepreneurship or parenthood? On the website on 'Studying with special needs' you will find specific information on how we can support you in such circumstances.

Student Service Centre

The Student Service Centre is the centre of expertise in student counselling at the University of Groningen. Student counsellors, psychologists and trainers work at the SSC to support students with their studies in various areas.

Among other things, the SSC offers UG-students support on:

  • Study skills
  • Study delay
  • Psychological problems
  • Studying with a functional impairment
  • Financial matters
  • Legislation and regulation
Career and advice

Starting your study programme is also starting your career. The choices you make now will influence the course of your career; you are laying a foundation for later. At the start of their studies, not all our students already know exactly what they want to do and where they want to end up. Theexploration of ambition, talent, wishes and possibilities is interesting, but can also be challenging.

For instance, do you mainly want to get high grades in connection with a master's programme you have in mind? Or would you rather gain work experience beforehand? Do you aspire to a management position, would you like to go into business and start now, or are there other extracurricular activities that match your ambitions for later? These are all important questions that are not necessarily easy to answer. Fortunately, you are not alone. Within the UG, you can turn to Career Services to help you with your study success.

Confidential advisor

The confidential advisor of the University of Groningen is independent and the first point of contact in cases of unequal treatment or undesirable behaviour such as sexual harassment, aggression, violence or discrimination.

The confidential advisor can support and guide you in filing a formal complaint if necessary, and advises on what to do best in complex situations. The confidential advisor occupies an important place in the UG's Integrity Policy.

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