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Steps of the application and admission procedure

  • 1. Apply

  • 2. Receipt of your application

    After submitting your application in OAS, you will receive an automatically generated email from the system confirming this.

    However, this does not mean that the application has been received by the Admissions Office yet.

    You will receive an email from the Admissions Office confirming that we have received your application. One of the Admissions Officers will have screened your application to verify whether you have provided all the required documents and information for us to start processing your application for admission. Our confirmation email will inform you of this and should any documents be missing, we will indicate the documents/information that we will still need to receive. 

    To do
    • If applicable, provide the Admissions Office with the missing documents.

  • 3. Assessment

    Once we have received the required application documents we will send your application to the relevant Faculty's Admissions Board to be reviewed. This means they will decide whether you meet the entry requirements of the degree programme of your choice.

    This assessment may take up to 6 weeks - or longer if your programme has an additional selection procedure in place.
  • 4. Decision

    As soon as the Admissions Board has decided on your application for admission, you will be notified of the decision.

    The Admissions Board will come to one of the following 3 decisions:
    • You are (provisionally) admitted.
      All conditions have been fulfilled but we might still need to receive certified documents.
    • You are conditionally admitted.
      You will be admitted, provided that you meet certain conditions. You will find the conditions of your admission in your decision letter.
    • You are not admitted.
      You are not admitted, because you do not meet the programme’s entry requirements. The reasons will be clearly stated in the decision letter.
  • 5. Read the provided information

    When you receive your decision letter you will also receive our Admission Checklist and possibly additional information.

    These documents contain very important information on your enrolment with University of Groningen, deadlines, the (mandatory) matching procedure, the visa procedure, accommodation, etc.

    To do
    • Carefully read all the information that has been sent to you.

    Additionally, you can also consult the website for admitted international students for more information. Please note: this website does not replace the Admission Checklist or any other documents you were sent along with your offer letter. You will still have to carefully read these documents.

  • 6. Accept your offer (for non-selective programmes only)

    The Admissions Office will ask you to inform them whether you accept your offer of (conditional) admission.

    Please return the signed Confirmation of Participation form as soon as you are certain that you want to accept a place in the programme.

    To do
    • Sign the Confirmation of Participation form and return the signed digital copy to the Admissions Office by email.
  • 7. Support the ISD during the visa/residence permit application procedure (if applicable)

    If you need a visa or residence permit to study in the Netherlands you will need to follow the instructions sent to you by the university's Immigration Service Desk (ISD).

    You will only receive those instructions after you have received a letter of (conditional or provisional) admission from the Admissions Office. The ISD starts sending these instructions in May each year.
  • 8. Complete the admission procedure

    In order to complete the admission process you will need to submit certified copies of your diploma(s) and transcripts (and, if applicable, their official translations) and in some cases you will have to submit certified copies of your English test results.

    In your letter of (conditional or provisional) admission you will find a list of the certified documents that the Admissions Office will need to receive from you. 

    Please carefully read our explanation of certified copies. If you completed your previous education in China, please read the information for Chinese admitted students.

    To do
    • Send the Admissions Office the requested certified copies by post.
    When the Admissions Office receives your certified documents, they will be able to draft your decree of admission, which is the official legal statement based on which you can be registered as a student of the University of Groningen. The Admissions Office will send you your decree by email.
    When you have received your decree of admission, you will have finished all the steps of the admission procedure that are handled by the Admissions Office.
  • 9. Finalise your enrolment

    When you receive your decree of admission, this does not mean that you are enrolled as a student. In order to finalise your enrolment you still have to take a few steps. For instance, you have to make sure that you pay your tuition fees in time and you will have to upload a passport photo for your student card.

    To do