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Criteria applying to course descriptions (Bachelor’s)

Course descriptions are used to assess whether you have the required background knowledge in relevant subjects to start the BSc programme of your choice. In order to fully reflect your background knowledge, it is very important that the course descriptions you provide are elaborate, complete and form a full overview of the courses you have completed/will be completing.* If applicable, we encourage you to provide us with course descriptions of both your upper secondary and higher education courses. Please refer to the table below for an overview of the subjects for which course descriptions need to be provided**, sorted by Bachelor's programme, as well as the links to download the relevant checklist(s).

Please be aware that your course descriptions must be attached to the relevant course description checklist(s) for Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and/or Biology.

The checklist must be merged with the actual course descriptions of all the relevant courses in the subject and must be provided as 1 PDF file per subject (e.g. 1 PDF file for Mathematics-related courses, 1 PDF file for Physics related-courses et cetera). As such, the course descriptions need to be added at the end of the checklist.

Course descriptions requirements
Please note that course descriptions must always be provided in English or Dutch in order to be considered in the application procedure. Moreover, we only review course descriptions which match the completed/will be completed courses and/or credits on the transcript(s) you have provided us with.

Official course descriptions such as course syllabi or curriculum descriptions issued by educational institutions or the ministry of education are preferred. If these documents are not available in English or Dutch, you may provide unofficial translations of these documents.

If official course descriptions are not available (or if these are not elaborate enough in order for the Admissions Board to fully assess your background knowledge), you may also compile them yourself.

Please make sure that you use the relevant course description checklist(s) for Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and/or Biology as a basis for your course descriptions. The checklist must be merged with the actual course descriptions of all the relevant courses in the subject and must be provided as 1 PDF file.

We urge you to carefully follow the instructions in the checklist(s) as it includes instructions on which information needs to be provided in the course descriptions.

Bachelor of Science you are applying for& Required course description
  • Medicine
  • Dentistry
Human Movement Sciences Mathematics
Course descriptions and the corresponding checklists are an essential part of the required application documents. Providing incomplete or insufficient course descriptions may have consequences for your application for admission and/or for your eligibility for admission. Without (sufficient) course descriptions and checklists, your application file will be incomplete and will not be reviewed.

Please note that each individual application can be evaluated only once. It is therefore important to make sure that the documents you provide meet the requirements of the University of Groningen application procedure. Providing incomplete or incorrect documents can have consequences for your application for admission. If you have any doubts regarding the requirements applicable to your application documents, please do not hesitate to contact us.

There are a number of qualifications for which it is not required to provide course descriptions. Please click here for an overview of these exempted qualifications.

** If your secondary education qualification exempts you from providing course descriptions, but you also conclude that you do not meet our subject specific requirements, please note that you can always include course descriptions of higher education courses (if applicable) which are relevant to our subject requirements (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology). The Admissions Board will then have to determine whether these courses may compensate for a deficiency based on your upper secondary education curriculum only.