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From Chaos to Focus: How to develop your own research plan

Course type: two 4h workshops, assignments prior to and in between workshops
Duration: approx. 8 hours + assignments
Audience: 3rd / 4th year PhD students who want to continue in academic research
Module information:

‘From chaos to focus’ targets PhD students who want to make their ideas for research after their PhD more tangible and focused on the subject(s) that really make their heart tick. The point of departure for the workshop is the chaos in your head about all the fun subjects you would like to work on after your PhD graduation. Using interactive exercises we will progress from this chaos to your personal storyboard and a tailor made strategic plan that will assist you in advancing to the next stage, writing your personal project proposal.

Knowing yourself marks the start of this adventurous process. Being able to incorporate your rough ideas into a project focus is the second step. Knowing whom to turn to for support comes next. Finally, making your future proposal more convincing relates to knowing who is going to judge the project, what these judges (people or organizations) are looking for, and how they arrive at their judgement, i.e., knowing their benchmarks. The workshop teaches you to work with this information and the tools provided.

From Chaos to Focus is Part 2 of a four part series on grant writing for PhD students:

Date and time:
  • Day 1: Thursday 7 November 2019, 1-5pm
  • Day 2: Tuesday 3 December 2019, 1-5pm

You will be expected to attend both sessions, which can not be taken separately.

In case these dates don't fit in your calendar: Next sessions in 2020 will be on Tuesday 21 April and Thursday 14 May 2020. Registration for these dates will open after the 2019 course has been completed.

Location: Van Swinderen Huys, Oude Boteringestraat 19
Registration: Register here for this course
Costs: € 100
Credits: 1.0 ECTS
Learning Goals:
  • Learn about your personal and professional strengths as a junior scientist, and personal and professional features that can be/should be strengthened to further a scientific career.
  • Learn how to use the ‘project story board’ to identify which subjects of your research could best be pursued,and on what considerations such a decision is based.
  • Learn to ask for help from more experienced scientists to shape your own project proposal, and apply this to further focus your proposal.
  • Learn about the importance of the structure of a project proposal to convince reviewers to support your application.

Keywords: personal strengths & weaknesses, ideas, focus, choices, mentor, grant proposal structure, convincing

Responsible Organisation: Groningen Graduate Schools

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