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Climate Adaptation Governance

Do you want to know more about the governance of climate change adaptation? Are you interested in analysing, innovating and gaining deeper insights into the risks and challenges of climate change for our societies? Join us for the Advanced Certificate Course on Climate Adaptation Governance!

After following our course online, you can also apply for our Winter School to gain practical experience and grow your network.

Advanced Certificate Course in Climate Adaptation Governance

The Advanced Certificate Course consists of four online courses and a Winter School. The online courses are aimed to start in November, the exact date will be announced within upcoming months, just as the date of the Winter School.

Time investment

The Advanced Certificate Course in Climate Adaptation Governance consists of four online courses (three weeks each, twelve weeks in total) with a time investment of approximately 3-4 hours per week and a one-week (fulltime) Winter School in Leeuwarden.

Is this for me?

This course can be followed by:

  • Bachelor students or bachelor graduates with a background in political science, public administration, sociology, human geography, urban studies, development studies, environmental psychology, environmental management, and other related social science fields.
  • Professionals with existing knowledge or interest in climate politics, climate governance and risk management. This includes development practitioners, policymakers, researchers and students in the field.

How can I sign up?

You can leave your contact details via the Keep me posted button above and we will keep you updated.

A sneak preview of the course content:

  • Online course 1:  Introduction to Climate Adaptation Governance. This course will emphasize the implementation of adaptive governance strategies to tackle the issue of climate change, using encompassing practical examples.
  • Online course 2: Governing Urban Adaptation. This course aims to give you the necessary expertise to analyze the integrated human, ecological, and physical processes shaping climate related risks in urban environments. Particular emphasis will be given to the governance aspects of urban infrastructure development and urban resilience.
  • Online course 3: Innovative Natural Resource Governance for Climate Adaptation. Climate adaptation governance calls for approaches that are transdisciplinary and cross-sectoral. The Water-Energy Food Nexus approach aims to move away from narrow disciplinary perspectives on natural resource management towards a harmonized governance approach, which takes into account synergies and trade-offs.
  • Online course 4: Governing Risks in Climate Adaptation. The course introduces you to solution-oriented approaches that support effective climate risk management. You will explore relevant case studies on climatic risks such as floods and drought, including their social and governance dimensions, to be able to identify key obstacles for adaptation.
  • Winter School: Climate Adaptation Governance. The Winter School deepens your knowledge that has been acquired in the online courses. Experts from different fields with a broad range of backgrounds will teach during intensive seminars, including practical case studies.
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