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Upcoming events

Career & Development Event 2.0

On the 16th of May YoungRUG will be hosting the second edition of our successful Career and Development Event, and we invite YOU to join!

YoungRUG will host several workshops on the subjects of personal, professional and career development. We will focus on personal and professional motivation, work pressure (attention management) and professional skills.

When? 16th of May in the afternoon (13.15h-16.45h -drinks afterwards)
Where? USVA, Munnekeholm 10

growing trees

13.00h Welcome
13.15h - 13.45h Opening:

discussing the employee survey for the YoungRUG Audience (age ≤35).

14.00h – 14.45h Work Life Balance LinkedIn Screw-up
15.00h – 15.45h Aandachtsmanagement Presentation skills Exploring personal drives
16.00h – 16.45h Happiness at work Presentation skills Career Training
16.45h – onwards Drinks!

Info market

During the event there will be a fun info market with:

  • a wailing wall to put up all your input, complaints, and of course compliments about the UG as an employer or otherwise
  • a stand from Human Resources where you can ask all your questions about UG as an employer
  • a fortuneteller who can tell you all about your professional prospects


Coaching sessions

You have the opportunity to talk to an individual coach. Coaches can help you deal with questions such as: What is a next step in my career? How do I achieve a suitable work-life balance? How do I become more confident? Am I still developing sufficiently? Book a coaching session and discuss your question (s) with one of our coaches.


In addition, you have the chance to have a professional photograph taken for your LinkedIn and/or UG-profile.

The workshops

Work Life Balance - How to recognize signs of burnout and how to prevent this from happening to you (by Karen Huizing)

Do you sometimes feel like you are on the verge of a breakdown? Are you having trouble concentrating and do you have ‘To-Do-Lists’ everywhere, because you are getting more forgetful? Do you sometimes feel that you don’t have time to relax or see friends?

In that case, it might be a good idea to do this workshop. You will get information about burnout, alarming signals and you will get tips and tricks to find balance in your life and to strengthen your resilience.

LinkedIn – the highlights (by Yorieke Deen)

Do you have a LinkedIn account, but hardly use it? Or, are you using LinkedIn and need tips on how to stand out and be found by employers?

This workshop will help you get the best out of your profile! After the workshop you will know which parts of LinkedIn are most important to be found by recruiters, how to set up your personal brand and how to use LinkedIn for networking.

Please bring your own tablet or laptop to the workshop and make sure that you create a (basic) LinkedIn account prior to the start of the workshop. See you there!

Screw Up! Making the best of your mistakes (by Johannes Postma)

Would you like to get out of your comfort zone more? To speak up during meetings? To feel less pressure to perform and just try something?

During this interactive and playful workshop, we will focus on mistakes and mindset. You will gain more awareness of your thoughts on mistakes and learn how to deal with them. You will learn to see the value of ‘screwing up’ and get tips on how to use this to develop yourself.

Exploring personal drives (by Paul Passchier)

So you have a degree and know you are intelligent. So you found a job and know you can make a living. Are you ready to sit down and relax? Or do you keep searching for what you really are passionate about? This highly interactive career workshop is about asking (yourself) the right questions in the company of others. Join this workshop if you want to boost your career and that of others!

Aandachtsmanagement (by Maarten Proost - Dutch only)

Hoe kun je ervoor zorgen dat je met je volle aandacht een ding tegelijk doet? De workshop begint met een onderzoek naar je eigen werkstress. Waar haal je je energie uit en waar niet en lek je energie? Vanuit diverse gezichtspunten wordt werkstress belicht. Vanuit het werkperspectief, de combinatie van werk en privé en zelfopgelegde patronen. Op een pakkende manier wordt er aandacht gegeven aan de vraag: Wat vind ik belangrijk en geef ik dat wel de aandacht die ik wil? Als dat niet zo is: Wat ben ik dan aan het doen en waarom eigenlijk? De workshop is praktisch en sluit direct aan bij de praktijk van alledag. Er worden verhelderende inzichten en tips gegeven die helpen in balans te blijven.

Presentation skills (by Jan Pieter Weening)
Where most presentation skills workshops focus on how to present in front of a group, during this presentation skills workshop we will focus on how to present yourself in general: timing, seating, positioning. Everywhere you go, either in your current job or when applying to a new position, you are your own ‘instrument’. It is important how you present yourself to colleagues, your supervisor and during job interviews. Therefore, in this practical workshop, you will learn how you can present yourself as a person, not only in front of groups, but also during meetings and in other work-settings, we are aiming at increasing confidence.

Happiness at work (by Kiki de Jonge)

People who are happy at work are, among other things, healthier, more creative, better collaborators and more productive. This is good news, for both individual employees and organizations. Happiness at work becomes more and more a relevant and well-known topic, as well-educated and driven employees are crucial for sustainable results. However, it is not always clear which factors influence the happiness of employees.

In this interactive workshop, we will introduce 4 key factors that impact happiness at work. These factors are well grounded in (recent) psychological research and can support you to assess your current happiness at work. You will be introduced to ideas to (further) improve on this matter.

Career training (by Gerald Lier)

Perhaps you are considering moving your career in a different direction. Or perhaps you are ready to take the next step on your current career path. During this introductory workshop, you will learn more about how to make the next step, either within or without the UG. This workshop is a kick-start for making a more informed choice for your next step.
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