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Tales of Talent

Martijn Wieling: computational linguist

On entering Martijn Wieling’s office, he apologizes for the fact that it’s difficult to shut the door. A large part of his office is filled with a huge case and a very unusual-looking device with sensors protruding from it. It turns out to be an articulograph, a device for monitoring people’s tongue and lip movements when they talk. Such knowledge could prove very useful when learning a foreign language, for example.

Fanny Janssen: demographer and epidemiologist

On a sunny afternoon, we pay a visit to demographer Fanny Janssen at the Zernike Campus. She is busy with her new PhD student, who has just arrived from Barcelona and will be collaborating on Janssen’s five-year European research project, for which she was recently awarded a prestigious VIDI grant of EUR 800,000.

Diederik Roest: theoretical physicist and cosmologist

Diederik Roest’s office exudes the atmosphere you might expect of a physicist: crammed bookshelves, seminar announcements and lots of complicated-looking calculations on the whiteboard. And in the corridor, as well as more formulas, photos of excursions with colleagues and postcards from all corners of the globe. It’s obvious that the scientists here don’t conduct their research in solitude.

Han Thomas Adriaenssen
Han Thomas Adriaenssen
Han Thomas Adriaenssen: philosopher

On a dark autumn morning we meet philosopher Han Thomas Adriaenssen. The attractive old building of the Faculty of Philosophy exudes an atmosphere in which you expect to encounter a group of seventeenth-century philosophers at any time.

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