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Mateus Rozalem Aranha, Brazil


In July 2009 I visited Groningen for a Summer School in Paediatrics when I got to know Groningen’s small bowel transplantation researchers. I am very interested in transplantation medicine, particularly small bowel transplants. This is one of the areas of research in which the University of Groningen/UMCG enjoys an excellent reputation and great international renown. Also, it is one of the three European hospitals where small bowel transplantations are carried out. That is why I decided to see whether it was possible to spend a bit more time here in the laboratory.

Academic experience

Academically speaking, my stay in Groningen has been everything I could have hoped for. Everybody showed a great willingness to answer any of the questions I had about their research projects and my supervisors were very much dedicated to make my stay at the University of Groningen/UMCG a productive one. I have been able to profoundly deepen my knowledge about the subject, and, at the same time, obtain a broad perspective on transplantation surgery: from the retrieval of organs for transplant, the process of preservation, up to the surgical procedure.

Language & City

Before I came to Groningen I studied Dutch for a while, but everybody at University speaks English really well. Any foreign student will thus be able to adapt easily and communicate efficiently. The city of Groningen, has all the charm and tranquility of a small city – to Brazilian standards that is –mixed with the excitement of student life. That is why I cannot believe that any young student will feel out of place here.


I believe that my stay in Groningen has been important for my own personal and academic development. Moreover, it could mark the beginning of a cooperation between the University of Groningen/UMCG and the University of São Paulo (USP), particularly the department responsible for research in bowel transplantation at USP’s Medical Faculty (Unidade de Transplante e Cirurgia do Fígado/LIM-37). This will for sure contribute to knowlegde development in both Brazil and the Netherlands.

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