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University of Groningen listed in Brazilian “Science without Borders” programme

The University of Groningen is on the list of universities that are eligible to receive students and staff in the ambitious programme “Science without Borders” (Ciência sem Fronteiras, CsF) coordinated by CNPq/MCTI that was launched by the Brazilian government earlier in 2011.

The Brazilian government has made approximately 75,000 scholarships available for Brazilian undergraduate and PhD students, post-doctoral researchers and senior staff of proven excellence. About 50% of these will be awarded by CNPq/MCTI. Additionally, CsF provides funds for foreign staff to spend periods of research in Brazil.

The programme focuses strongly on the exact and health sciences. In a press release of 25 October 2011 it is stated that it is likely that also the social sciences will be included, although details are yet to be made public.

An overview of the main scholarship opportunities in brief:

  • Undergraduate mobility ( Graduação Sanduíche no Exterior ) : 6-12 months
  • Sandwich PhD ( Doutorado Sanduiche no Exterior ): max. 12 months
  • Full PhD (Doutorado Pleno no Exterior): max. 36 + 12 months
  • Post-doctorate (Pós-Doutorado no Exterior): 6-24 months
  • Senior Staff ( Estágio Sênior ): 3-6 months
  • Staff visit to Brazil ( Bolsa Jovens Talentos ): research stays of 1-2 months per year for a period of up to 3 years at Brazilian institutions. Staff accepted in this program may also receive Brazilian CsF grantees in their home departments and additional financial benefits from the CsF program.

Details with respect to the implementation of the CsF program, including the application procedures, are to become clear shortly. Any developments in this respect will be communicated via the RUG website and the Graduate Schools.

Contact University of Groningen: Joyce Fongers, Coordinator for Latin America.

Last modified:23 November 2017 2.17 p.m.