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Zernike Complex

In recent years, a great deal of construction work has taken place at Zernike, and a lot of attention has been paid to sustainability.

For example, when building the Linnaeusborg, extra attention was paid to insulation. Insulated plasterboard walls were installed with a vapour-resistant effect. The windows are relatively small and well insulated. The outside of the building is covered by aluminium plates over steel wool and fibreglass. The roof is concrete covered by a layer of insulation and a cover plate of aluminium. This construction method is also very well insulated. In addition, the Linnaeusborg and many other Zernike buildings are linked to the geothermal heat pump installed there.

Thanks to the Green Mind Award the Bernouillborg will become even more environmentally friendly in the future. The plan thought up by the winners to optimize waste disposal, water and energy use at the Bernouillborg will be realized as part of the 400th anniversary celebrations of the University in 2014.

Last modified:10 February 2014 09.01 a.m.
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