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Book launch: Greening Democracy

Wanneer:do 18-05-2017 11:00 - 12:30
Waar:Room 1315.0037, Harmonie Complex

Book Launch Event

Milder, S.H., Greening Democracy. the Anti-Nuclear Movement and Political Environmentalism in West Germany and Beyond, 1968-1983 . Cambridge University Press, 2017.

Introduction: Dr. Stephen Milder Comments: Dr. Christoph Humrich Chair: Dr. Stefan Couperus

Greening Democracy explains how nuclear energy became a seminal political issue and motivated new democratic engagement in West Germany during the 1970s. The book argues that worries about specific nuclear reactors became the basis for a widespread anti-nuclear movement only after government officials' unrelenting support for nuclear energy caused reactor opponents to become concerned about the state of their democracy. Surprisingly, many citizens thought transnationally, looking abroad for protest strategies, cooperating with activists in other countries, and conceiving of 'Europe' as a potential means of circumventing recalcitrant officials. At this nexus between local action and global thinking, anti-nuclear protest became the basis for citizens' increasing engagement in self-governance, expanding their conception of democracy well beyond electoral politics and helping to make quotidian personal concerns political.

Centre for International Relations Research / Chairgroup European Politics and Society