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Metal and tin waste


Metal and tin waste includes scrap metal, broken metal cupboards/furniture, lead pots, equipment from which environmentally harmful substances such as asbestos and mercury have been removed (thermometers/manometers), oil, cooling motors, etc.


Metal waste from the buildings (workshops) can be collected by the supplier by arrangement. If large amounts of this waste are generated, it is advisable to arrange for a container to be provided. Removal of metal waste must be requested through FacilityNet.


Tin cans are taken to the processing plants along with residual waste. At the processing plants they are separated from the other waste using magnets (for steel) or eddy currents (for aluminium). They are then smelted and used to produce new steel or aluminium. This is used to manufacture new products. New uses are always found for recycled tin: in bicycles, trains, bridges or as new cans.

Larger volumes of metal are taken to the metal processing plant where, in principle, the metal is shredded and reused in the same way.

Extra information

When clearing uncoated lead (e.g. lead castles for radioactive work and storage), always wear protective gloves. Lead is toxic and, according to the Inspectorate SZW, must not be produced or used in an uncoated form.
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