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Brown, grey and white goods

Brown, grey and white goods (other than refrigeration and freezing equipment)


Brown goods (consumer electronics), grey goods (computers etc.) and white goods (domestic appliances) are the collective names for the different types of electric and electronic equipment. These goods also include equipment powered by batteries (and in some cases gas, oil or solar power), computers, monitors, industrial dishwashers, ventilation units, etc.

Electrical goods contain parts and materials that can mostly be recycled and, if disposed of with residual waste, would be unsuitable for the waste incinerator. There are additional environmental benefits because the separate collection of such items means that electrical goods (or their parts) can be reused.


Requests for emptying and extra temporary containers can be submitted through FacilityNet. Defects, complaints and changes can also be reported through FacilityNet.

In the case of equipment that comes from a laboratory, all contaminants and/or microbiological, hazardous and radioactive substances must be removed before tendering for disposal, and an indemnity note must be provided.


The equipment is dismantled by a specialized company so that the various parts and materials can be processed separately. Examples include cables, cathode ray tubes, mercury switches, parts containing asbestos, various metals such as silver, copper and lead, and plastics. The hazardous substances released during dismantling are processed by recognized waste-processing companies.

Extra information

The law stipulates that brown, grey and white goods must be disposed of separately. This means that they must not be put with residual waste or in an open container.

This ensures that as many materials and products as possible are reused and that hazardous substances are safely disposed of and processed.
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