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Category 1: acidic water-based solutions


All inorganic acidic and neutral solutions (acidity (pH) 1-7) diluted in water, such as sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nitric acid and phosphoric acid or mixtures of these, possibly with heavy metals dissolved in them.


This waste must be disposed of in a 10-litre UN-certified jerry can with the appropriate labels (supplied by the Logistics Department) properly filled in. In addition, the outside of the jerry cans must be clean and dry. Jerry cans must not be more than 90% full and must be properly secured.


At the Linnaeusborg, full jerry cans must be placed on the bottom shelf of the fireproof cupboard. The cans are collected once a week. New packaging/containers will be provided during the next Logistics round. If there are not enough containers/packaging available, please contact the Logistics department, tel. 050-3634102, e-mail logistiekbeheer.nb4

Nijenborgh 4

At NB4, containers must be taken to the Store, where replacements can be obtained from the Logistics department.

jerrycan cat1
jerrycan cat1
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