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Liquid hazardous waste

The Faculty has divided hazardous waste into 13 disposal categories. Five of these categories concern Liquid hazardous waste.

  1. Liquid waste, category 1: acidic water-based solutions
  2. Liquid waste, category 2: alkaline water-based solutions
  3. Liquid waste, category 3: low-halogen organic liquids
  4. Liquid waste, category 4: halogen-rich organic liquids
  5. Liquid waste, category 5: heavy metal ions in neutral, water-based solutions

Appendix IV-A: Classification of Liquid Hazardous Waste from Laboratories

Liquid hazardous waste products are disposed of in 10-litre jerry cans, which must bear the appropriate label and hazard symbols. Which label should be used depends on the category of the main component. The label must be filled in completely: main component(s), name of submitter, department, date, project code and card number.

The hazard symbol depends on the subgroup to which the main component belongs, not on the label. For a clear explanation of how to use the labels and hazard symbols, Please consult Appendix V.

Main components that belong to the same subgroup may be combined. In some cases waste products from the same category may react to each other. The submitter must bear this in mind and always dispose of such products in separate containers. Appendix III (Dangerous combinations of hazardous substances) contains an overview of dangerous combinations.

The Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), to be supplied by the supplier, lists the appropriate hazard symbols for the product in question. In the event that no MSDS is available, please consult the supplier’s website or contact the Logistics department, tel. 050-3634102, e-mail .

Appendix I ( Symbols for Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Waste) lists the most recent hazard symbols.


If you have any doubts, for example about containers with residues, please contact Stijntje Bosman, e-mail .

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