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Acceptance conditions for hazardous waste

The following acceptance conditions apply to all hazardous waste products offered for disposal:

  • Waste is collected every week. Days and times vary, depending on the location.
  • There are 13 hazardous waste streams:
    1. Liquid waste, category 1: acidic water-based solutions
    2. Liquid waste, category 2: alkaline water-based solutions
    3. Liquid waste, category 3: low-halogen organic liquids
    4. Liquid waste, category 4: halogen-rich organic liquids
    5. Liquid waste, category 5: neutral water-based solutions
    6. Liquids with special risks
    7. Biological waste
    8. Chemically contaminated laboratory waste
    9. Empty chemicals packaging with GROS sticker
    10. Used needles
    11. Small chemical waste
    12. Cartridges and toners
    13. Contaminated glass
  • Hazardous waste must be packed in standard UN-certified packaging. Any other packaging may only be used in consultation with and with permission of the Logistics Department. The correct, UN-certified packaging material is available from the Logistics department, tel. 050-3634102, e-mail
  • Packaging must be labelled with correct, legible information:
For 10-litre jerry cans: Main component(s), name of submitter, department, date, project code and card number.
For drums with lids, WIVA containers, medibins and needle boxes: Name of submitter, department, date, description of contents, project code and card number.
  • All packaging must be closed with an original lid. The outside of the packaging must be clean and dry.
  • Jerry cans must not be more than 90% full and must be properly secured.
  • If packaging is re-used, the old labels must be removed or made completely illegible and unrecognizable. NB. The GROS sticker must still be checked out by the Store.
  • Hazardous waste tendered in any other packaging will not be accepted. Submitters of such waste will be responsible for disposal themselves.
  • Empty packaging material may not contain any residues.
Last modified:16 December 2015 08.51 a.m.
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