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Cursus Brain & Mindmapping. Infostress or Overview

We all suffer from ‘infobesity’. We take in more information than we can digest. We overload our brain by doing so. We lose overview and experience chaos in our minds. Thoughts of all the things you have to do, or the things you wánt to do, but somehow never seem to be achieved. No wonder that we have a hard time falling asleep at night. Or íf we sleep, we never wake up feeling refreshed.

In this workshop Brain & Mindmapping you will learn how your brain processes information, but above all, you’ll learn how to do this SMARTER, by making use of your own brainqualities. Mindmapping activates parts of your brain that are normally less used. Your will speed up your learning process, enhance your memory and creativity . But you will also learn how to get OVERVIEW & INSIGHT by using MINDMAPPING as a tool. Bringing order into chaos. Peace of mind. Getting grip on the things you want to achieve. Creating space in your mind to really DO it!

In this workshop you will practise the technique of Mindmapping yourself. After this workshop you will be able to use Mindmapping for different applications. Not only for overview, but also for work and study.

Location and time:

9:00-12:00, Blauwborgje 8, Zernike
13:30-16:30, Visserstraat 49, Binnenstad

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