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Wanted: sustainable researcher!

lets gro

Creating the database

We want to index all sustainable research at the University of Groningen: research conducted by researchers, PhD's, bachelor- masterstudents etc. Also we are looking for research in progress.


Gender-based issues, diversity, healthy nutrition, consumerism, energy, ecology, mobility? We think all these, and many, many more topics are considered as sustainable research.


In 2016 we will contact all applicants if they want to present their research on our Greenest Research Awards during Let's Gro (9, 10, 11 November).

And the winner was...

Title: "Green Grunn" from the undergraduates Roy Goms (FSE), Joey King (FRW), Nynke Kooistra (FSE), Maurie Mutsaers (LMC) and Etienne Wilkens (FEB) of the People Planet Profit minor. This research adresses the question:

What opportunities are there for more greenery in the city of Groningen with regard to the environment, biodiversity and the quality of life in the city and what barriers and opportunities for this?

Laatst gewijzigd:13 februari 2017 11:07