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Plasticfree Week

From May 28th to June 1st, the Green Office organized a Plastic-free week. Here is our report!

What did we learn?

  • Life without plastic is fairly hard! It takes careful planning, thinking ahead, and don't put too much faith in the supermarket.
  • Vegatarian products, cheese or candy? You will have a hard time finding it without plastic.
  • Some cans have a plastic layer on the inside.
  • How do you buy toilet paper?
  • Plastic free living might be more expensive, since you have to buy many things in the organic store.
  • Some issues are easy: bring your own bread for lunch, take your own mug and water bottle to work or school.
  • Shopping for groceries on the market helps you buy plastic-free.
  • Washing detergent can be bought in carton packaging.
  • Buy your own reusable bag for bread, ask the baker to put it directly in the bag.
  • At Ekoplaza you can buy nuts from bulk bins.
  • At De Nieuwe Weg you can refill your own bottles with detergent or dishwashing liquid.
  • At Simon Levelt you can take your own container to buy coffee and tea.
  • For shopping without packaging, go to Mama Mini or Goud Goed.
  • allows you to fill your own bottles with milk.
  • Local products can be bought at Ommelander Markt

What was hardest?

  • Living truly plastic free is hard, plastic-light is much more doable.
  • Getting a snack at the canteen? Your option is a banana…  
  • Are you using medicin? They are always packed in plastic.
  • Buying chewing gum: impossible.
  • Not paying attention: the strawberries at the market turn out to have a plastic container.

Unorthodox tips

  • If you go out to dinner a lot, you'll feel like you use less plastic.
  • Not buying plastic might be cheaper, since all tempting snacks are packed in plastic.

Figures and facts

  • 86 people participated and lived for a week without plastic.
  • On Tuesday we showed the documentary "Minimalism".
  • On Wednesday Green Ambassadors showed the documentary "A plastic ocean".
  • On Thursday we crocheted with plastic at Edanz.
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