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Meatfree Week

From March 5th until March 9th it's Meatfree Week in the Netherlands! In the UG restaurants you will see a difference in the courses that are on offer. But there's more you can do! For example, cooking a great vegetarian dish for your dinner. Here are some recipes to inspire you and some sources to educate you.


(All recipes in Dutch!)

Veggie buckwheat wraps with hummus

Moroccon-style stew with lentils and apricots

Veggie burger with sesame mayonnaise

Stuffed sweet potato

Veggie curry with spicy tofu

Stuffed mushroom caps with risotto


Petra Meelker: I became vegan because I couldn’t stand the fact that animals are treated as products, just to satisfy my appetite. There are numerous healthy and delicious alternatives. In these modern times it’s just not necessary to eat animal products. If we want to make a change for the environment, animal welfare or worldwide food distribution, we can make our voice heard as consumers by choosing plantbased food.

Wander Jager: Working on the issue of sustainability for most of my life, eating meat always felt a bit like smoking…I enjoyed the taste very much, but I just knew too much about the negatives.  After seeing some nasty footage from an industrial slaughterhouse in the spring of 2017 I decided to live up to my knowledge, and quit eating meat. Sounds easy, but in a family of 5 this causes some turmoil: cooking separately proved to be difficult, and forcing my new veggy style on my girls not nice. After some successes and failures in the kitchen, we slowly developed as a family a new cooking repertoire, with much more vegetables. Never knew how nice the bite of cauliflower in an Indian curry could be.  I’m definitely not a saint…I do cook chicken for my kids – under protest that is – and occasionally I do eat seafood. But my basic veggy lifestyle feels good and healthy. And believe me, it is easier than quitting smoking!

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