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Faculty Challenge (results)

Ready — Set — Go!

Is your faculty the most sustainable faculty of the university? We want to find out – and that’s why we challenge you to show us why your faculty is the most sustainable.

Hans van Ees from the UCG receives the first prize
Hans van Ees from the UCG receives the first prize


  1. Winner most Sustainable Faculty of the University of Groningen is: University College Groningen.
  2. Runner up prices go towards: Spatial Sciences and Theology and Religous Studies.

We are a big fan of open source data. So we would like to share the questionnaire results with you.
We also enjoyed the Award ceremony and the various workshops, pitches and masterclasses, given by
the following people:

Thanks for being there and inspiring us!



13.00 - 13.45 Van Swinderenhuys

Award Ceremony Faculty Challenge

The Board of the University will award the most sustainable faculty of the University with a nestbox equipped with camera! Why is this price? What goes well at the faculties? And especially what can we learn from each other?


Mini-expedition with Jan Doevendans

Did you know the University of Groningen is investing in a great city ecosystem? The University is placing nest boxes and birds feeding points around University buildings. Urban ecologist Jan Doevendans shows Groningen in a way you’ve never seen before. Go on expedition to find out more!


14.00 - 15.00 AMD Atelier

Sustainable Students Pitches

This University has some smart students! During this hour students will give 5 minute pitches about their sustainable research. Learn about solar panels at the UG, the ecology at Zernike and much more!


14.00 - 14.20 AMD Meeting Room

How to save a million euros? (by: Malissa Oude Sogtoen)

Malissa is happy to share her experiences resulting from the successful projects Energy Challenges and Student Challenges. Sustainability is something we achieve together. Let’s have a talk about how the 36.000 people enjoying university life can change from being energy users to sustainability makers.


14.30 - 14.50 AMD Meeting Room

Creating a sustainable Faculty (by: Gjalt de Jong)

The University of Groningen is working hard to open a new Faculty in Leeuwarden next year. How exciting to start from zero! Imagine all the sustainable possibilities if you can do it right from the beginning! But where to start? Gjalt de Jong will tell you about their new Sustainable Entrepreneurship programme. Everything is still open for improvement, so your ideas are very welcome!


15.00 - 16.00 AMD Atelier

Sustainable Professors Pitches

After an hour of students pitches we will hear what our professional researchers have to offer on sustainable research. We will see perspectives on sustainability from different faculties. Using religion to combat climate change? Getting a precise overview how a solar panel works? Learning how to interpret human behaviour correctly? Come to the pitches by some of UG’s best researchers to find out more!


15.00 - 15.20 AMD Meeting Room

Are you a Sustainability Ambassador? (by: Green Office)

We think everyone is a sustainability ambassador! But we are looking for enthousiastic students and staff members to be the special one at their faculty! At this moment we have ambassadors at the Faculties of Law, Arts and Behavioural and Social Sciences. Do you want to know what they are doing? Are you studying or working at one of the other faculties? Please join our workshop and perhaps you will be the next ambassador!


15.30 - 16.00 AMD Meeting Room

What the veg? (CANCELLED)

Did you know 2016 is the year of Pulses? We think this is a great opportunity to provide you with some ideas to substitute those tasty ribs and steaks which are more and more frowned upon these days! Join this workshop to get some vegetarian cooking experience!


16.00 - 16.20 AMD Balcony


Test your sustainable knowledge during our People, Planet, Profit Pubquiz. You will find out why you can’t recycle egg cartons, how much land is needed to feed the worldpopulation and how many solar panels the UG needs to be self sufficient with energy!

14.00 - 16.00 AMD

Meet ‘n’ Greets

Do you want to meet the people working behind the scene on sustainability? Share your great ideas with them? Or just share a coffee with them? You can during our Meet ‘n’ Greets. The following people open their offices for you. Walk around the building and feel free to enter any office with open doors!

  • Balans (Lifestyle programme for employees)
  • Sander Dijkstra (Showcase of Sustainability Projects at the UG)
  • Dick Jager (Roadmap Sustainability)
  • Green Office (Student driven Sustainability Department of the UG)
  • and more

Background Information


The RUG has recently been named the greenest university in the Netherlands. That’s great of course, but we still want to go further and make the university even greener! We are sure that our faculties have great ideas about how we should realize this and we want to encourage green and smart thinking within all the faculty boards. However, this has to be fun too! And what’s more fun than a tough competition?

What is a sustainable faculty?

We use a broad definition of sustainability for this contest. Of course, it includes the obvious things like reduction of environmental footprint reduction (water, energy, CO2), but you can also think of sustainability in education and research (touching upon sustainable topics within lectures etc.), events and projects. Therefore we invite you to think broad!  

Who is participating in the Challenge?

The Faculty Challenge is open to all the 10 faculties within the UG and will rank your faculty’s sustainability. But to make this happen, we need you  to contribute and take action and tell us a bit more about your own faculty.

What can you do?
If you want YOUR faculty to win, fill in the questionnaire that will be online here from March 1st.
We are curious to hear about how your faculty improves  its sustainability.  Has the water consumption of your faculty decreased in the past year? Do you have a person responsible for sustainability within your faculty? Are sustainable topics for research stimulated at your faculty, and if so, how?

From March 1st, we will also do a grand tour around the faculties. So keep an eye on our website and our facebook to find out when we will visit your faculty!

What’s in it for you?

The most sustainable faculty wins a nest box for your faculty, equipped with a camera so you’ll be able to see a bird family grow up. Cute, right?

Are you ready?

1st of March KICK OFF

15th of April - Deadline for filling in the online questionnaire

24th of May - Awards Ceremony, Van Swinderen Huys, 3-6 pm

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