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26 September - Food

Jan Hendrik Elzinga
Jan Hendrik Elzinga

Ecological farm Martinizicht
During this lecture we will visit Martinizicht, an organic dairy and beef cattle farm in the northeast of Groningen. Jan Hendrik Elzinga runs this farm together with his wife Jetsje and three kids.

There are about 120 dairy cows and 50 limousin cows on the farm, which is about 200 hectares. There are also 60 sheep grazing on the land, so that the land is attractive for the meadow birds.

Because they produce organically, the cattle and the sheep produce unique meat and milk. On the one hand biological means that you do not use artificial fertilizer and no poison. On the other hand, the many flowers and types of grasses attracts hares, meadow birds and insects (biodiversity) to give the special taste to milk and meat.

In this lecture Jan Hendrik will tell about what it means to run an organic farm and he will talk about the importance of organic and local food.

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