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9 October

Waste management
M. Kwak, Attero

This lecture will focus on different areas of waste management. How can proper waste management help to reduce greenhouse emissions? What is waste, how can the amount of waste that is produced be influenced and what can we do as an individual to reduce our “waste footprint”? Can waste be reduced to zero, or is it more a shift of streams? How do we collect & process waste nowadays and is upcycling the future? These and other questions will be answered during this lecture.

About the speaker
Marco Kwak started his career at sea. After finishing the navigation college he sailed around the world as a merchant navy officer and captain. The recycling of resources got his attention in the late 1980’s and he became active in the waste paper trade and paperboard production. After some years in the metal recycling he became manager in the waste recycling at the legal predecessor of Attero. Developing processes to regain resources out of waste and the production of green energy out of non recyclables became his passion. Nowadays Marco is active in Projectmanagement and New Business development for Attero. He is a frontrunner in the development of sustainable and innovative processes and business models for the production of all kinds of Green energy and 2nd generation resources out of waste. Attero is one of the biggest waste processors in the Netherlands. Attero focusses on the post separation of waste in their factories so we can make use of the recovered resources in upcycling, recycling and sustainable energy production.
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