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September 26

Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences

People in Groningen think selfishly about gas: Gas production can continue if the earthquakes do not affect them personally

By: Dr. Goda Perlaviciute


In last years lecture from the Faculty of Natural Sciences, we found out that in the future we will stay dependant on gas and that this fossil fuel is actually one of the most sustainable energy resources at this moment. However the public does perceive this a bit different..

During this lecture Goda Perlaviciute will discuss her research on public acceptability of gas in the sustainable energy transition.

Gas is very controversial due to earthquakes in Groningen, public resistance to shale gas, the fossil nature or natural gas, etc. Yet, at the same time, an important role of gas in current and future energy systems is being advocated, arguing that gas is necessary to realise the sustainable energy transition and introducing new developments, such as green gas and power-to-gas. The question is how the public sees the role of gas in current and future energy systems.
We will dive into the several roles surrounding the debate around public perception of gas in a sustainable energy transition!

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