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Impression of the course (2015)
  • “It was really good to see all these different angles"
  • “The course met my expectations. It opened my eyes to other topics. Nice!”
  • “I learnt a lot of things I didn’t know, and I’ve never been enrolled in this kind of activities, but I think I will do more.”
  • “The location was nice and not far away. And I really like the building of the UCG :-).”
  • “All the topics were absolutely interesting.”
  • “It was really good organised. We got a lot of information per mail, so that we were always up to date.”
  • “The content of the course was adequate and very interesting.”
  • “It was very clear how the course was organised and I could find the material easily.”
  • “I didn’t expect such a nice lunch with nice food & drinks”.
  • “I wanted to get some insight on sustainability and this was just perfect.”
  • “I expected it to be interesting to hear different perspectives, but it was nice to see how it was always easy to make the link to my own topic - very inspiring!”
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