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Blog #2 GOplastic free

Date:04 June 2018
Author:Josefine Krueger
Ekoplaza products
Ekoplaza products

Waking up on Monday I realised it’s the plastic free week of the Green Office. I started thinking about what I could buy later in the supermarket to eat during the week. Before the week started, I assumed that it would be super easy to live plastic free. I actually even thought that I live plastic free to a large extent. Well – I fooled myself.

Assuming that that organic supermarkets tend sell less plastic, I tried to buy plastic free food at Ekoplaza and I was quite successful. I got some delicious vegetable spread in a glass for my sandwiches (a nice alternative to ham or cheese) and some fancy chocolate in cardboard packaging (whose second wrapping hopefully isn’t plastic). However, I needed something vegan for my breakfast oats. And here, I unfortunately had to cheat: I got soya milk in a tetra-pak. One would think tetra-pak is environmentally sustainable. Fooled again! Admittedly, 75 percent of the container comes from renewable resources but there are 25 percent left, for example the plastic lit. Here, it must be added that this ORGANIC soya milk was cheaper than the ones you would get at ordinary supermarkets.

Generally, I think the Green Office plastic free week is a great project to make others and yourself aware of what you actually consume. I genuinely hope that the discussion doesn’t end after this inspiring week.