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Maatschappelijke betrokkenheid

The social spect of the programme
As an ambassador, you’re part of a movement, and so you should feel like you’re part of a movement. Therefore, we’re investing a lot in the development of stronger communities and networks, both in your embassy and between different faculties. Among other things, we’ll bring out a special ambassador newsletter to share your personal and sustainable stories, we’ll organise regular trainings, workshops and social meetings, and we’ll host events that all embassies across the university can participate in!

With our new program, we’re hoping to find lots of new sustainability ambassadors. Because you can learn tons of things from others (experienced ambassadors, people with lots of organisation experience or people who are well-known to the world of sustainability), we want to give you the opportunity to easily get in touch with each other. We’ll be doing this through a couple of ways:

  • Nestor: First of all, it’s important that you can find each other and communicate on a daily basis. For this, we’ll work on a forum within Nestor, in which you can find and talk with ambassadors from your own faculty, but also with those from other faculties. Within this online forum, you can join other activities, or invite others to join yours. It’s our sustainable Craig’s list, where you can exchange services, help each other out, join one of our events, etc. We’re also new to this and are learning more about the possibilities of this online environment everyday!
  • Social meetings: because you are a community, and we want you to feel part of that community, we’ll be hosting social meetings every once in a while. This is still very open, but we could choose to meet at a different faculty each time, to give you the opportunity to show off everything that you’ve achieved so far, to demonstrate how you do things and to get inspired by each other.
  • Ceremonies: In order to celebrate what you as ambassadors have achieved, we’ll host a ceremony once or twice a year. During these ceremonies, we’ll welcome a new batch of ambassadors and, more importantly, we’ll highlight some of the amazing activities that you’ve hosted in the previous years. Last but not least, we’ll hand out certificates!

Overview ambassadorteams per faculty
As of now, there are 7 faculties that have active embassy. This is the current distribution of the ambassadors:

  • Embassy of Law & Arts: 3 members
  • Embassy of Spatial Sciences: 4 members
  • Embassy of Behavioural and Social Sciences: 5 members
  • Embassy of Science and Engineering: 4 members
  • Embassy of Medical Sciences: 3 members
  • Embassy of Business and Economics: 10 members
  • Embassy of Philosophy: 2 members

Most of these embassies have recently started and are still figuring their way out. If your faculty isn’t present on the list, you can still enroll as an ambassador. We’ll contact you and figure out a way to start things up together. All great things must start somewhere!

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