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Sustainability Ambassador

Faculties often seem like separate little island within the University. Not everyone is aware of what happens within the faculty, at the same time a lot of students and staff members don’t know what efforts the UG is taking to become more sustainable. As Sustainability Ambassador you stay up to date of the UG’s efforts and also initiate change. We believe that with the help of ambassadors, we could inspire many more people at the UG to make more sustainable choices. By initiating change within your own faculty, you contribute to making the university more sustainable!

What can you do?

  • Inventory of the sustainable aspirations of students and staff
  • Reduce energy use (i.e. shutting off computers)
  • Promote a study environment (take the stairs, taking a walk during the break)
  • Raise awareness about reducing waste (visual communication, use mugs instead of paper cups)
  • Stimulate integration sustainability in education
  • Stimulate sustainable purchases faculty (presents)
  • Organise interactive activities with students and staff (movie night/debate)
  • Work out your own ideas!

Do you want to integrate sustainability within your faculty? Become Sustainability Ambassador! Email us for an appointment or read more about the programme here.

Tips & improvements

Do you have suggestions about how the RUG can become more sustainable? Let us know! Email or call us 050 363 4884.

Last modified:19 September 2019 10.40 a.m.
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