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Winners 2014

The second edition

When it comes to the sustainability you have in your own hands, about leaving the smallest carbon footprints, you could talk about it for ever.

We wanted to do something about it.

So it was back again this year: the competition with the Green Mind Award for ‘smart thinking’ as first prize. You think up a good, environmental plan – and the University of Groningen will implement it. It might come at a cost. But it’s going to produce results. That’s something we think deserves an honourable Award – and an iPAD for the winners.

Conditions: take care of more sustainability inside our buildings or our work practices.

The Rules?

Curious about the rules? Visit the website about this year's rules.

And the winner was . . .

That’s how the second edition of the Green Mind Award competition ended. High expectations, and all of them surpassed. Two prizes and a special mention. So clever, it would have been a disgrace not to recognise them. These brilliant environmental plans won the prizes:

University library
University library
  • First price: De Universiteitsbibliotheek 2020 – Zichtbaar Groen
    By: L. Stevens, M. Stellingwerff en M. Teunis.
    A facade and rooftop gardenat the university library contributes to a greener city, better isolation and rainwater storage, increasing biodiversity and awareness about sustainability.

    The proposal by L. Stevens, M. Stellingwerff en M. Teunis

  • Second price: SENSEOS – SENSible hEating Operation Solutions
    By: G.A. Pagani, F. Nizamic, T.A. Nguyen and P.J. Hartman (implementation partner).
    Computer-based control of the heating system of buildings that have still manual control of radiators. The solution optimizes the heating of rooms based on fusion of information regarding users presence, external weather conditions, weather forecast, and university/user calendars. The goal is to control the room heating automatically and heat only when users are present, thus, optimizing the temperature given the weather exposition and the actual number of occupants present in the room.
    The proposal by G.A. Pagani, F. Nizamic, T.A. Nguyen and P.J. Hartman

  • Special mention: Duisenberg Building – The Building of Sustainability
    By: F. Nizamic and T.A. Nguyen.
    A comprehensive project with advantages such as water conservation, responsible waste recycling, smart reduction in electricity consumption and intelligent lighting.
    Interview with Faris Nizamic and Tuan-Anh Nguyen
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