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Rules of the game University of Groningen the Green Mind Award 2016

In the new set op of the Green Mind Award 2016 we are looking for sustainable innovative ideas that aim at three main subjects of the UG: Energy, Healthy Ageing and Sustainable Society.

Ideas can cover different issues like:

-         Policy changes

-         Value increase for the UG, what can be achieved by a small investment. This means an idea which is in the first case not profitable but increases the value of the RUG

-         Sustainable achievement of the RUG which is profitable within a certain amount of time

1.       Definitions

·         Most sustainable idea: the (max. three) ideas that, to the evaluation of the jury, meet the demands from point 7 of the rules of the game

·         Participant: the person that submitted the game application

·         Idea: phrasing of improvements for the RUG on one of the three subjects, which allows you to participate within the campaign: the GreenMindAward (GMA) 2016

2.     Research points of attention: The most important points of the RUG: Energy, Healthy Ageing and Sustainable Society

3.     Application for the campaign is open for employees and students of the RUG and RUG related institutions + UMCG-employees

4.     A jury determines the winner(s)

5.     The jury consists of the following members:

·        Jan de Jeu chairman (member CvB)

·         Ton Schoot Uiterkamp (professor, Energy and Environmental Sciences)

·         Leander van der Wal (student assistant, Green Office)

·        Gijs Breedveld (University Services Department)

·        John Hoeks (professor, communication studies)

. Erika Hepping (head Real Estate )

·         Dick Jager (program manager sustainability and responsible for the secretary of the GMA)

6.     The idea may not have been entered before

7.     The idea has to meet the next demands:

·         Sustainable improvements that add up to the current achievements of the RUG (2015)

·         Feasibility (technical, economical, ethical)

·         Time to realize the idea within one year (or to split up the idea in manageable pieces)

·         Investments for realization of the idea is €100.000. This only counts for ideas that are profitable within a certain period of time

·         This pay-back time is determined in deliberation

8.     The jury determines if the idea fulfills the requirements from the following points:

·         Originality

·         Reach of the idea

·         Applicability within the RUG

·         Economic feasibility

·         The sustainability performance will improve in at least one of the just mentioned themes

9.     The idea can be uploaded until 30 September 2016 and can only be submitted via our application form.

10.   Applications that are entered too late will not be judged by the jury

11.   If there are two of the same ideas entered, the jury evaluates the person who submitted their idea first

12.   The three best submissions will be named the most Sustainable ideas of the RUG. The participants receive a price this will be announced in the PR-campaign.

13.   The RUG will set a goal to execute the three best ideas. However, the RUG is free to continue with the three projects

14.   Announcement of the three best ideas will be around 6 October of 2016

15.   Administering the idea to the GMA means that the participants agrees that the RUG will use the submitted idea for PR and publicity objectives

16.   The judgement of the jury is binding, so there will not be any discussion

17.   The jury had to right to quit before the campaign

18.   Application to the GMA means that the participant agrees with these rules of the game

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