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Interview Faris Nizamic and Tuan-Anh Nguyen

In this short interview, Faris Nizamic and Tuan-Anh Nguyen describe what participating with the Green Mind Award brought them.

Why did you decided to join the Green Mind Award competition?

We decided to join the Green Mind Award as it was a great opportunity to get a chance to implement our ideas that accelerate transition to sustainable buildings.

Can you describe the idea you submitted?

In 2012, our idea was to improve sustainability aspects of one of the University buildings, the Bernoulliborg. In this project, we applied many solutions to reduce energy and water consumption, as well as to increase waste recycling rates. More about the results of the project can be found here (

In 2014, our idea was to reduce heating consumption in the Nieuwenhuisgebouw by up to 20-30%. This project is still ongoing, sensors are installed, and now we are applying the control solution. By the end of next winter, we will have precise measurements regarding the savings from this project.

What did winning of the Green Mind Award brought you?

Winning of the Green Mind Award brought us a lot of knowledge and experience that helped us to finalize our PhDs, as well as to create our startup company. Through the Green Mind Awards, we also managed to develop prototypes and to test them in actual working environment. This experience was invaluable and very important for our career.

What is your best tip for the potential students and staff entering the Green Mind Award competition?

Before you apply, be sure that you have enough time also to implement your idea. Do the planning right and get the best team around yourself, so you can have a successful project. Moreover, think on all people and departments you may depend on, and get them all on the same table from the first meeting. Having all stakeholders involved will make your life much easier during the project.

Do you have any hopes or ideas in which the direction of the next best sustainable idea is going to? (Healthy Ageing, Sustainable Society or Energy)

All three are very motivating topics. Because of my personal interests, I hope it will be from the field of energy J

However, if not, I would also be very interested to hear some innovative ideas from the other two fields.

interview Faris Nizamic and Tuan-Anh Nguyen
interview Faris Nizamic and Tuan-Anh Nguyen
Last modified:21 June 2016 12.48 p.m.
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