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Sustainability Survey 2014

The survey yielded 1.770 usable and completed responses. A number of salient findings are explained in this report.

This survey is especiallly focused on gaining insight into the views and aspirations of staff members and students concerning the field of sustainability.

These results reveal that the respondents – considering the broad range of sustainability issues – attach great importance to the quality of education and less importance to animal testing, despite this being a much-discussed topic.

Moreover, the respondents believe that the number of students (both Dutch and foreign) and the academic ranking both score above average in the current situation. A peculiar outcome is observed concerning this topic (see the subsequent ‘gap analysis’)

Lastly, the respondents feel that (regarding the provision of information) improvements can be made in nearly all sustainability themes with the exception of the topics listed on the left-hand side.

What have we learnt?

Communication turns out to be the key. The respondents have chosen the ‘safe option’ when deciding on the current and desired situation by downscaling their ambitions. This leads us to conclude that the respondents are not familiar with the ambitions and achievements of the university in the field of sustainability.

The main findings of the survey are:

  • Many respondents have difficulties determining which themes are related to questions on sustainability – some of the above mentioned themes were not recognized as such.
  • Respondents experience difficulties in attaching weights (in terms of importance) to the different themes/questions.
  • It appeared to be dificult to differentiate between the themes in terms of the desired situation.
  • There seems to be some unfamiliarity with relevant themes.
  • Since people tend to link sustainability mainly with environmental and energy themes, it seems to be of great importance that the executive board starts to communicate other sustainability initiatives of the RuG more clearly. An example might be the communication of initiatives on sustainable society and the associated goals of the RuG on this theme.

Detailed information about the survey can be found in the report.

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