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About usWho are we?Gedichten van de huisdichter

September 2017

we are the letter eaters
ballad-makers language servers
we are the chamber scratchings
dream-catchers wool-gatherers
voiced or voiceless
but always with pen
and do not make us cross for
the bundle to come
is for you.
we could be the baker
or the paper round girl
the first grade teacher

the barista

we don’t speak a language
we have it for breakfast.
Speaking only works after
a portion of writing
provided we’re not so hungry
that our freshly made delicacies
haven’t already been eaten.
Not everyone can go and
dine out for free
but when we are serving, well,
hang on to your seats.
We are the letter eaters
language servers.

Rachel Raetzer

Last modified:18 September 2017 10.07 a.m.
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