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October 2018

Superficial Safety / Tone-appropriate *~FUN~*

28 portraits spiralling down,
I'm the last portrait standing
Injected memories, force-fed
Waiting further instructions.

Have an ambition, represent,
Make sense in pressure-cooker
Am I too salty? Bittersweet?
Tasteless? Tasteful? A Toaster?


Empathy's limited, homegrown
Why think if you don't have to?
I'll thus change tone & storyline
and hope this poem's half true:

/Tepee\ international finds a tribe
And tribes all bike together,
Under the quiet, grey canal's
Water display weather

Library studying – coughing choir
Deadlines don't kill, just tire
To make new friends of great height
I gazed at night life
(And yes, they are directness-rife,
And yes, Nietzsche was right)

More A L C O H O L ! ! !

mY nAMe Is tHIs
mY coUNtRY's tHAt
And now you know my story
Let's mispronounce everything,
i tRIEd, YoU trIed, dOn'T WOrRy!

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