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November 2018

Chinese Dictation Test

Well-mannered stressors
with Friendly features,
Civil oppressors
and Righteous preachers

Democracy test:
Accept any opinion
Take pride in yours too,
We’re merely 8 billion.

I dreamt of exams
-but in Chinese!
(You know how it went
I can barely read this)

How is everyone
So sure of themselves,
While, here I am,
Failing imaginary tests?

If I am stressed,
Then something is stressful
(Around broken glass,
You’re usually careful)

Saying what you mean,
No-one offending,
-Forget it, say half,
Ensure a good ending!

But, maybe, just once,
I could barf my assessment,
My theory, viewpoint,
The id in the basement.

But alas!
I can’t -without repercussions,
All animals are equal,
But some, more than others.

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