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Lauwersmeer National Park

A unique natural reserve

The Lauwersmeer National Park is located on the Groningen-Frisian border and came into being in 1969 after the construction of a dam between the old lake and the Wadden Sea . Since then, a magnificent and extensive scenic area has developed, which is home to many birds, fish, and rare flowers. It is an appealing example of the famous Dutch land reclamation. Visitors can cycle and walk there and the flora and fauna is remarkable. The dykes border the Wadden area, which is a national nature reserve. The region around Lauwer smeer is characterized by two very different landscapes. In the north, on both sides of the lake, the landscape is open and vast and to the south of the lake, the landscape is closed and intimate. Rows of trees and hedges divide the land.


Water sports

Lauwersland is ideal for water lovers. The smallest waterways are accessible to kayaks and canoes and renting pleasure boats is very popular as well. Sailors and windsurfers can be found on Lauwersm eer or the Wadden Sea . Walking across the mud flats to one of the islands is a fantastic sports unique to the Netherlands . The small village of Pieterburen is an (inter)nationally renowned center for mud-flat walking, as well as home to a seal sanctuary. Fishing is something you can do throughout Lauwersland.

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