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Groninger Museum
Inside the Groningen Museum

The Groningen Museum is the most high-profile museum in the Netherlands, not only due to its striking design, also because of varying exhibitions, including works by Russian painter Repin, American photographer Andres Serrano, and Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf. The permanent collection consists of a large assembly of porcelain and works by the Groningen artists’ collective De Ploeg.

Graphic Museum

Changes in the processing of written text into printing have taken place so fast (especially in the last few decades) that there is the risk that the old printing techniques will be lost. The Graphic Museum provides an overview of techniques ranging from old type-setting up to and including today’s word-processing.

University Museum

University Museum

The University Museum has an extensive number of exhibits including objects and old documents relating to the history of the university. There are masquerade costumes, caps, posters and photos on display. There is a large room with a huge collection of instruments formerly used for research and lectures. The University Museum provides a good overall impression of the history of one of the oldest universities in the Netherlands.

Nautical Museum


Skippers and captains throughout the ages, Frisians in Dorestad, Hanseatic merchants or peat skippers from grandmother’s time: they all have one thing in common. Their lives revolved around ships. The Nautical Museum has exhibits relating to ships, crews and sailing, and the contemporary shipping culture.


Should you plan to visit several museums in Groningen or elsewhere during your stay in the Netherlands, it could be wise to purchase a Museumkaart, which gives free or reduced entry prices to most Dutch museums. A Museumkaart costs € 27,50 for people under 19 and € 54,95 if you are over 18.

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