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Art and culture

Art in public

In a city that has sculptures and statues in abundance and where even bus stops and public lavatories have become important eye-catchers, one can imagine there is always something unexpected to see. In line with this, the university launched a twenty-year sculpture project, commissioning a new sculpture on a regular basis, each inspired by the history, famous figures and work of the university. The last was placed when the university celebrated its 400th anniversary in 2014.

Theatres in style

Cinemas and theatres cater for the culture-minded. Matching the Groningen way of life, these venues, large and small, can be found scattered throughout the city. Films in Groninger Forum or concerts in de Oosterpoort are only two of many options. For a night out in style, visit the ‘Schouwburg’, which is considered to be the most beautiful theatre in the country.

City theatre in Groningen

Festivals and music

As one example of Groningen's many festivals, every August the Noorderplantsoen is transformed to house Performing Arts Festival Noorderzon: ten days of music, circus, dance, theatre, food and drink, where international acts and local talent are equally welcome and perform sheltered by the park's foliage. With late-night jazz, funk and blues-rock café’s, musical festivals, and live music in a number of pubs every night, Groningen is open to every musical taste.

In January, Groningen is all about music with Eurosonic Noorderslag. During this three day music festival you can discover emerging European talents. Performances are spread over the whole city centre, with open air concerts at the Grote Markt and intimate performances in pubs.

Closing act for one of the cultural festivals in Groningen

Some venues

Vera is a public club for the International Pop Underground which organizes concerts, movies and swing evenings. For example, you can visit a ‘support your local scene’ band from Groningen in the cellar.

Simplon is a youth centre which is ‘Young, dynamic, cultural, technological, artistic, open 24 hours a day, cheap, no nonsense, sweaty and a Walhalla for musicians’. Each week Simplon organizes concerts by international, national and local bands, movies and swing evenings with avant garde and innovative music. Simplon serves food and drinks at the bar. Simplon also has its own youth hotel which is open 24 hours a day, a fitness room and practice room for bands.

Cultural Student Centre Usva is thé cultural facility of the University of Groningen and is located in the city centre, Munnekeholm 10. Usva wants to encourage students to develop themselves and to inspire them by art and culture. Besides that, Usva is the cultural platform in the city where students have the opportunity to meet and engage with culture.

Explore all events

Here & Now platform is an online personal recommendation agenda that allows you to access diverse cultural, networking and sport events in Groningen. Here & Now lets you choose events based on your own preferences, genres or even international-friendliness. At the platform you can choose between almost every activity in Groningen, from a cozy hobby meet up (that you can also submit yourself) to the mass concerts organized by the city’s biggest venues.

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